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Dear visitors,

For many years now we have had the great privilege of hosting students from CCBCM in Southern California. Pastor Dave Shirley was enthusiastic about giving students an experience over seas to study along side missionary churches and so we were encouraged to begin an extension campus.

The time has been so fruitful, exciting, fun, educational and on and on. We have seen many students come as strangers and leave as family it has truly been amazing.

During the last few semesters we have been prayerfully considering the future and have come to the conclusion that although it has been so wonderful, it was for a time. Very practical circumstances, as well as greater demands from church, a growing family, change of vision in our hearts as a staff we have come to realise that it would be best for us to not host anymore semesters:-(

For those of you who had hoped to come we do apologise but point you to the extension campuses in Europe. York, Italy, and Hungary are great places to study the Word of God in the mission field and to be able to learn in the class room as well as watch missionaries in their daily life.

Thank you Dave Shirley for believing in us when we didn’t for allowing us to bless and be blessed. Thank you for all your support throughout the years.

Many blessings to all of you as you pursue to know the Lord Jesus and we grow in to real people, in a real world, with a real God. What a great privilege to walk with Jesus;-)

Rafael Manzanares

Santa Ponsa Community Church